FFF “Winner Best Short Film”


12:30pm Between “Kells” and “Shorts 1: Ignite”
“The Secret of Kells” lives up to its hype. A fantastical, hand drawn animation that tells the mythical tale of the olde Irish Book of Ionia (did I spell that right) that becomes the Book of Kells. It was beautiful to watch. Contrary to the expectations of the Orlando Hurling Club, the sport was not alluded to in any way. Unfortunately, the contents of the Book of Kells were also not revealed. There were beautiful, intricate book pages displayed that I can only assume were renditions of the actual book. Someone next to us in line earlier said the actual book was in Trinity.

Normally, I would research all this to give you the full scoop, but today I am a new blogger, trying to give real time updates. How am I doing?

I run into Peter Meech, writer, director and co-producer of “Winner Best Short Film.”  It’s about a guy who claimed to have won an award at Sundance.  It stars Kevin and John Farley, brothers of Chris.  I ask him to tell me something about the film you can’t find on Google.  “We shot it in one day.  We had eight beautiful women so it was difficult to get the actors to take their places.  John kept having his shooting on TV productions, we didn’t know if he would make the shoot.  I couldn’t get hold of him for two days.  Finally, the night before, at 11:05pm [he checks his phone to confirm the text] I email him ‘see you tomorrow producer’ to which John replied ‘bullshit, I’ll see you in hell.  –kidding see you at 1030.'”  [Peter shows me the actual text on his phone and reveals that he would have had to play the lead if John did not show up.]

Peter confesses that the title of the short was chosen intentionally to create more buzz for the film.  He’s a very likable person and I’m anxious to see his short.  I’ll be back with an update on the shorts program in just a few hours.

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    […] Peter is the writer, director and co producer of this movie.  He was also almost the star!  (read this post to find out more) The more I think about this short, the better I like it.  Don’t miss […]

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