FFF Ruminations From Day 3


My biggest frustration with real time blogging is the subsequent thoughts of, “I wish I’d have said…”  So here is my list of things I should have mentioned yesterday… (my second biggest frustration are all the spelling and grammatical errors I make–for example, in this sentence I should have said “is all the” instead of “are all the!”)

Must See
“Winner, Best Short Film” is a very short movie that features a very, very short film.  The very, very short film is entitled “Blowout” and it lasts for only five.  Five minutes?  No, five seconds.  Out of all the films I have seen at FFF this year, I have been thinking about that five second film ever since.  Oh, and the actual film was really only a half a second.  The other 4.5 seconds were the credits.  Intrigued?  Then don’t miss the “Shorts 1: Ignite” program at 4pm on April 14 at the Regal Cinema.

Thanks, Peter, for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment.  Peter is the writer, director and co producer of this movie.  He was also almost the star!  (read this post to find out more) The more I think about this short, the better I like it.  Don’t miss it.

The Other Side of Kells
My friend Linda is of Norwegian ancestry.  After watching “The Secret of Kells” I asked her what she thought of it.  She really liked it, but then commented that she wasn’t too thrilled about how her ancestors were portrayed.  Interesting point that would have never occured to me.

Three Remarkable Teens are Bigger than the Movie
I just read the Orlando Weekly’s review of “The Young Composer’s Challenge.”  They gave it two stars and called it “agonizingly dull.”  I feel sorry for Lisa, the filmmaker.  They’re not entirely wrong.  However, as a local paper that focuses on the arts, they could have chosen to spend more time speaking about how fantastic the young composers program is and less time dishing the movie.  Even if the movie isn’t the greatest I encourage you to see it; if only to watch the young composers featured in the film who will be sitting with you in the theatre.  They deserve your attention and are a joy to meet.

Small World
At the Eden Bar last night I overheard FFF President Henry Maldonado talking about how his wife was from Harleysville, PA.  That’s only one mile from where I grew up in Souderton, PA.  This fact created a delightful, impromptu conversation–such conversations are the genesis of what makes FFF so very special.

Speaking of growing up in the Mennonite stronghold of SE PA, the Enzian has added artichoke fritters to their menu.  When our Norwegian friend, Linda, asked what a “fritter” was, I realized that not everyone has had the wonderful experience that are fritters.  What are they?  Please see an FFF movie at the film festival and try one.  Tell you what, if you read this post and see me inside the Enzian Theatre during one of this year’s FFF films, I will buy you an order of artichoke fritters.  Only catch–you have to give me your “review” of them to add to this blog.

Yesterday Henry, FFF President, was playing cameraman and happened to catch me sitting at a table outside the Enzian working on my blog. He filmed me for about five seconds. I don’t know where that film might show up, but wherever it does it’s now guaranteed to not win any awards! If you see it somewhere, please let me know.

See You Tonight
Two films tonight I am really looking forward to seeing:  “Lost Sparrow” and “Best Worst Movie.”   The Orlando Weekly gave them both high ratings.  Tonight, I will add my review.  They are both playing at the Regal starting at 6:30pm.  If you are going, please stop by and say hi to me.  I’ll be wearing a blue shirt and carrying a laptop.

4 Responses to “FFF Ruminations From Day 3”

  1. Lisa Mills Says:

    As a relatively new filmmaker I’m realizing that living with bad reviews is just part of the deal. My students feel really bad for me, too. They are wonderfully supportive. I agree that local media could promote local artists as much as they promote local athletes. I’m finding out that in many cases, local artists struggle for respect in their own home towns. Thank you for covering a local filmmaker on your blog!

    • LanceAround Says:

      Hi Lisa: You have a really healthy attitude. I think you show a lot of promise as a filmmaker. I have really enjoyed meeting you. The students obviously love you and that, to me, says it all! LanceAround

  2. Timothy Brown Says:

    Lance, It was good to meet you. I’m Lisa’s husband and the editor of the film. I think your criticisms are fair and we kinda figured the film wouldn’t appeal to everyone and I do feel the audience that showed genuinely enjoyed the film and they’re really the audience we made it for. It’s a tough balance of truth in documentary and mass audience appeal. I think that those who endure will see the truth in it and find that appealing.

    We really do appreciate your comments as they reveal someone who actually took the time to watch the film and didn’t just write based on a cursory glance. I look forward to reading more of your blog though it might take awhile as you’re quite prolific:)

    • LanceAround Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Timothy. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed sitting by you and Lisa during the screening. Every so often I would steal a glance at the two of you and just delight in watching you enjoy your film. Yes, the audience at the Enzian love watching “The Young Composers” and I hope its next showing packs the Regal. LanceAround

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