Revel 20 Party At The Eden Bar – Day 9 FFF 2011

20th Anniversary of the FFF

Happy 20th Birthday to the FFF

[Editor’s Note: While SunnyStefani enjoys her first FFF Revel Party, LanceAround is attending his third. Today’s post looks at two perspectives on this year’s party…]

SunnyStefani: When I arrived at the Eden bar I ran into a staff member who was telling me that things are running very smoothly this year, minus having to throw a bum out for asking customers for money! There was even a live band at the party.

LanceAround: I was disappointed when I heard that this year’s party was going to be held at the Eden Bar and the other outdoor areas of the Enzian. Although we love the Enzian, it’s not a very conducive atmosphere for a large gathering. As the caterer from Spencer Tracy’s Father of the Bride would point out–there’s no “flow.” Contrast that with the previous two years when the party was held at the Maitland Art Center and Full Sail campus–two very different yet fabulous venues for a party.

I ran into Jordana Meade and asked her about the venue. She explained that since this was the 20th anniversary, we were holding a free party for the entire community.  Unlike previous years, when you had to pay an entry fee for the party, this year was free and featured small cupcakes to celebrate the anniversary. The theme, consistent with this year’s Festival, was Florida. One could purchase Florida grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and other typical Florida outdoor party grill foods.

Director Lavado Stubbs

SunnyStefani: Walking around looking for someone intriguing to talk to I stumbled across a gentleman who was wearing a ‘filmmaker’ pass. So of course I was instantly drawn to him. After introducing myself, I found out he was Lavado Stubbs, who directed After: The Kellie Greene Story. He is from the Bahamas and is an international student at Full Sail University with only one more month until graduation.

“The festival has been amazing,” said Lavado, “This is a big thing; I’m loving it. I wrote the concept for the documentary” for a school project. This movie is a documentary about rape survivor, Kellie Greene, and her triumph of overcoming such a drastic event. I was given three days to shoot, but “I weaved in an extra day with my professor and got it extended to 4 days.”

Lavado said it was a very long editing process and he’s glad his female colleague was in charge of it. After: The Kellie Greene Story was “selected as one of the 16 finalists. It’s entered in the American Pavillion Emerging Film Maker Showcase at Cannes Film Festival,” exclaimed Lavado. He told me he’s “super excited, it’s amazing to reach such masses. This is a very heavy association, only 16 out of 400 films were selected” and Lavado’s was one.

LanceAround: One of the most rewarding things about the Florida Film Festival is being surrounded by film lovers. Everyone you encounter is eager to talk about films. There is a wealth of knowledge about independent film, film history, film techniques–you name it. Just walking around the party and overhearing all the conversation about film is so much fun.

SunnyStefani: David Iton, a friend of Lavado said they go to Full Sail University together. He’s getting his Masters in Business. Today was the first time seeing this film and said it was “pretty interesting.”

Both Lavado and David are going to be enjoying the rest of the night at the Eden Bar before they leave to go to their friend’s shoot. Being a Communication major I can relate to Lavado because my senior project was ‘The role of a producer.’ I enjoyed my time talking and getting to know Lavado.

LanceAround & SunnyStefani: Make sure you join us tomorrow for it is the last day of the FFF 2011.

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