Super awesome! – Day 9 FFF 2011

Rainn Wilson as Crimson Bolt

Rainn Wilson as Crimson Bolt

I made it to the Regal with enough time to stand in line with the other press and volunteers. A staff member told me the line to see Super was wrapped around the theatre. We were waiting to enter the theatre because they wanted to let all the stand-bys in. After about thirty of the stand-bys were let in, the press followed along with the volunteers and staff.

The theatre was packed! I’ve never seen such a packed movie theatre before, there did not appear to be a single seat empty. As I looked around to find an empty seat, I discovered one next to Justin and Mary Ann, who are both from the Orlando area. Mary Ann had previously seen Hamill and Norman at this years FFF. Regarding Hamill, she told me she was “surprised about the political battle between sign language and the spoken word. It was a big part of the movie,” which she liked. The dark themes in Norman also caught her attention.

Finally after the remainder of the stragglers came into the theatre and scarfed up the last available empty seats, Super was about to start. Not reading much about this film prior to watching it I was terribly excited that none other than Kevin Bacon was in it. Yes, that’s right, Kevin Bacon! For those of you who are avid Kevin Bacon fans you know there’s a game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which is a trivia game that links any individual through their film role to Kevin Bacon within six steps. You would of course also know he has a commercial out with Logitech that’s about being in love with himself. I may or may not know this because of a close friend of mine who’s obsessed with Bacon. Yes, my friends a guy.

Super, directed by James Gunn, is a humorous superhero movie about Frank (Rainn Wilson). Franks wife, Sarah (played by the gorgeous Liv Tyler), leaves him for Kevin Bacon, who plays the Jock. When the finger of God touches him, he realizes all it takes to be a superhero is the choice to fight evil.

Frank decides to do ‘research’ about superheros that don’t have special powers and use weapons. He runs across Libby (Ellen Page) at a comic book store where she proceeds to wonder why no one takes matters into their own hands and becomes a superhero.

Frank makes a horrible make-shift superhero outfit and starts beating up ‘villains’ with a pipe wrench. The news outlets begin to refer to him as the “Crimson Bolt.” While beating people with his pipe wrench he tells them, ‘don’t steal,’ ‘don’t molest children,’ or ‘don’t do drugs.’ Libby becomes his ‘kid’ sidekick, despite the fact she’s 22 and is referred to as “Boltie.”

This movie was more graphic than I was expecting, which is great considering my love for horror films. The audience was in love with this film during the whole showing. There was nonstop laughing and clapping during the film. By far number one on my list of movies at this years FFF. Super was super awesome. I’d call it a twist between Kick-Ass and Super Bad. Good versus evil. I really enjoyed this film.

I talked with Mary Ann after the film who said she was “embarrassed of the sex scenes with my nephew next to me.” Justin is her nephew who is only 14. “I enjoyed it but I was worried about Justin. Even though it was violent, the theme came through. I liked it. “

The audience cleared out pretty quick. I’m assuming, like myself, that after the showing they made their way down to the Enzian for the special event they were having at Eden Bar for the 20th anniversary salute to the FFF. I’ll tell you all about the party in my next post!

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