Life After The 2011 FFF – A Retrospective


Anyone in the Orlando area April 8 to 17 could have enjoyed a popcorn flavored treat–if, like me, they had the pleasure of attending the 20th anniversary of the Florida Film Festival.

With One Of My New Fans...

I survived my first FFF (only getting lost once.) I’d call it a huge success! I wasn’t sure what to expect. For the first time I had a press pass and an endless supply of movies. It turned out to be a great experience.

Being the second film festival I have ever attended, I was thrilled! I love movies. I mainly love blood and gut-type movies, but the camera angles and music score are some of the things I pay attention to, besides the story of course.

I’m normally easily pleased when it comes to movies. I’ve seen my fair share of horrible ones (the kind that makes you want to scratch your brain out with a pencil.) Over the course of the FFF I divided my time between a variety of movies from documentaries to comedies to more complex narratives.

I can honestly say there wasn’t a movie that I hated and had to walk out of the theatre, which is always a plus. I actually enjoyed most of the movies. Comedies are always my favorite (besides horror, that is) because they’re enjoyable. Super was by far my most ‘super awesome’ film during this years FFF. So awesome that I’m debating seeing it again at the Enzian theatre since it’s currently playing there. (Can you believe the Orlando Weekly only gave it one star–what’s up with that?)

For those of you who attended this year’s FFF I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Like I said before, hours of endless films and engaging in conversations with avid movie goers, actors, and filmmakers is right up my alley.

Being around a constant barrage of people who are just as eager as myself to take part in such an amazing event did bring me to a state of bliss.

For those of you concerned that, now the FFF is over, what will happen to SunnyStefani–don’t worry–more posts are in the works! I will be a regular contributor to the LanceAroundOrlando Team. Please join in the conversation.

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