Orlando Dinner Show: “Fork You!”


SunnyStefani Got Framed--We Swear!

I’ve been in sunny Orlando for two months now; enjoying every moment of it. Over Easter weekend my family came to celebrate the holiday with me. After looking through what felt like a hundred attraction brochures, they decided on “Capone’s Dinner & Show.”

It seems no matter where I move to I can’t escape good ole Chicago. Upon arrival at Capone’s we had to give a secret password to get in. (I won’t reveal how we knew the password–you’ll have to figure that out for yourself!)

Being the gangsters that we are, as soon as we got in we had our mug shots taken. (We didn’t do it, we swear!  We were framed!) We decided to start the show by going to Al’s Secret Hideaway Bar. This special room is on the second floor. To enter, there is a one-drink minimum per person (which could be a child’s drink for $2.50.) It then gives you access to be among the first people to be seated while everyone else is waiting outside in the general admission line.

Once our gang was seated we were shocked by the presence of our server, ‘Joey Too Slow.’ Immediately I thought I was back in Chicago at “Ed Debevic’s” where the staff is supposed to act rude and insult you. However, little to my surprise, he was very attentive and not ‘too slow.’

Capone's Dinner & Show

Capone's Dinner & Show

Admission is reasonably priced considering it’s an all you can eat real Italian buffet feast that includes unlimited alcoholic beverages, plus dessert. We enjoyed the show as it was very entertaining. We liked the fact that the servers got involved with the show and that there was audience interaction.

The vocals weren’t the greatest but what do you expect, it’s not Broadway. The songs were catchy, to the point where I was still singing one yesterday (La La La, I’m going bananas.) The actors were quick on their feet when an audience member would yell something and interrupt them. For example, Fingers, a gangster, was hiding from the villain of the show, Buggs. When Buggs finally caught up with Fingers he pulled out a gun and a kid in the audience held up a fork and said use this. The fork then became the butt of an ongoing joke, “fork you,” no, “fork you,” which was quite entertaining and really got the audience laughing.

Overall, we enjoyed the night. The food wasn’t to die for but the lasagna and beef were good. The unlimited drinks alone covered the cost of the show. Unlike most Orlando Dinner Shows, it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. The only thing I was disappointed about was there were no tommy guns used during the show and Al Capone was only mentioned once. I was expecting gangsters to be shot and mobsters to be running around looking to kill each other, but there was nothing of that sort. Capone’s is a very family friendly mobster dinner show–appropriate for children of all ages.

I would go back again, just to enjoy the great atmosphere.

Capone’s Dinner & Show
4740 W. Hwy. 192 (Irlo Bronson Hwy.)
Kissimmee, FL 34746

[Ed Note: We’re not going to put a link to Capone’s website on this post because it plays annoying music and, what’s far worse, even if you tell it you don’t want the sound when you click on a new link it starts playing again–Capone’s, please take note and fix this!]

[Ed Note May 6, 2011:  Within a day of posting this review, we received a comment from John Kucik, the President of Capone’s, informing us that he has taken the music off all the webpages except for the home page. True to our word, we have now put in links to their website onto this post. Please enjoy Capone’s, it’s a lot of fun–then leave a comment letting us know your review!]

2 Responses to “Orlando Dinner Show: “Fork You!””

  1. john kucik Says:

    I am the President of capone’s and we take your editorial seriously. we are removing music from all pages except the home page. There is a music on/off switch I guess it did not work for you. Hope you will reconsider adding a link to our web site

    • LanceAround Says:

      Wow, John, you must provide great customer service if you are this attentive to comments. Thanks for fixing your website. It’s much better. Please feel free to tell us more about your wonderful dinner show. SunnyStafani had a great time. Regards, LanceAround

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