Animated Shorts – Day 6 FFF 2012


Flowers For Jupiter

The animated shorts are normally a highlight of the FFF and this year was no exception. When I got to the theatre, there were already 30 people in the standby line!  I was certain I was not going to get in. But after the theatre was completely packed with people, I was allowed to go in and see if I could find a seat. Fortunately, there was one in the very back corner of the auditorium.

Here are some brief descriptions and reviews of all the animated shorts…

Fresh Guacamole
As usual, PES comes through with a very short, wacky and ultimately pleasing little piece about making guacamole with the usual ingredients you’d find in, say, your average POW camp. I don’t know how they pull it off, but their films are always among the highlights at the festival. Want to have some fun? Google PES on YouTube and watch a few of them.

The Flying House
Can’t pay your mortgage? No problem, just turn your house into an airplane and take off.

(notes on) biology
extremely creative and clever animation technique that every school child can relate to–taken to the extreme.

38-39° C
OK, someone had a lot of fun playing with different animation mediums.Visually compelling but I missed the point of this film entirely.

Another Dress, Another Button
Creative, well paced, well made and very cute. This one’s a gem!

Miss Devine

Miss Devine
Real life story of strict Sunday School teacher. The story is put to animation. It was enjoyable to watch.

Edgar Allan Poe meets Miyazaki? This one was fun.

Flowers for Jupiter
You’ll wonder if the filmmaker was an apprentice of Tim Burton. Unfortunately, good visuals can’t help a nonsensical story.

Summer Bummer
Cute little diddy.

Dr. Breakfast
The audience got a big kick out of this one.

Perhaps Lev's Favorite Topic?

Tales of Mere Existence: “Random Observations About Sex” & “Sick of This”
Lev is always an FFF favorite. His simple pen drawings are mere backdrops for his incisive wit and observational skills. This year was no exception.

Floyd the Android – “Dim Bulb”
Fun, short little animation.

Reddish Brown and Blueish Green
Mixed medium and artistic. Hold on till the end. During the epilogue you find out what it was that made this film such a powerful story.

Bedtime for Timmy
This claymation got lots of laughs from the audience.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day
Not very often, but every now and then, you wonder, “what did the selection committee see in this movie?” For the 20+ minutes of this film (by far the longest of any of the films in this shorts program) I asked myself that question a lot!

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