Shorts 4 – Day 6 FFF 2012



A wonderful short exploring sibling relationships amidst disappointment and despair. Well written, well acted, excellently paced. Several patrons, including our own SunnyStefani, identified this as their favorite of all these shorts.

Red (The Slide Series)
Cute, very short piece about the power of suggestive advertising. 

A refreshingly perceptive take on the concept of bullies. Another excellent film. Ironically, I thought several scenes in this film looked eerily familiar–only to discover it was filmed a short distance from where I grew up.

Deerskin Lake
Quirky story of a support group that goes horribly wrong. Weak production values–from writing to acting to filming–keep this creative concept from coming close to its full potential.

First Match
a muscular, black athlete finally gets a shot at wrestling varsity–just like dad. Perhaps the family will see another champion trophy? Will dad be proud of her? Yes, I said, her!

I Am Not a Moose
Are you an actor or a moose? Probably better to be a moose. Amusing.

Next time you check into the front desk of a hotel, you’ll remember this film–and wish you didn’t!

Historically, Atlantis is a mythological, advanced civilization that disappeared into the sea a long time ago. That’s not mentioned in this film What’s in this film is the final flight of the space shuttle Atlantis, because America didn’t need a natural disaster to eliminate one of the most civilizing aspect of our current culture. Like the movie Titanic, this film was a combination of historical accuracy interspersed with a love story.

Doug Joseph

At the end of the program, there was a Q&A with the Curfew and Atlantis filmmakers. Also in the audience was Doug Joseph, who appeared in Atlantis.

31 years ago, Doug finished high school and took a “three month job” with NASA where he worked on the Atlantis space shuttle “flow management group.” He stayed in that “3 month job” until last year. In the movie, tears came to his eyes as he speaks about the end of the shuttle program.

It was that scene that gave me the inspiration to compare the final flight of Atlantis with the mythical story.

And that makes tears come to my eyes.

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