More Shorts – Retrospective FFF 2012


Tune for Two

I got so overwhelmed during some of the features; I missed telling you about some of my favorite shorts.

Fresh Guacamole
(Click link to watch this short)
I’m normally not a big fan of animation, but this short was one of my favorites. It’s a film about making fresh guacamole from the most unusual items. Very creative and well put together, I’d give it an A.

Turning a Corner
This is another animated short about overcoming one of life’s challenges. It had a few funny parts, but overall didn’t hold my attention. It gets a D from me.

Shinya Kimura
I think this short focused on the art of homemade motorcycles; however, it was really just in the background. At the end of the film I was left feeling incomplete, so it gets a D as well. 

Things You’d Better Not Mix Up
The title pretty much says it all. This animated short proved me wrong yet again. It keeps you constantly laughing and takes away a B+.

Tune for Two
(Click link to watch this short)
A great film about an unexpected turn of events that leaves a man wishing for his life and a catchy tune stuck in your head. This is the gem of shorts and gets an A+ from me! The end will knock you off your socks.

Machines of the Working Class
This sci-fi short is about two middle class robots figuring out ways to be impressive. It was short, had some funny points. Not the worst, not the best, C+.

Jim & Frank
Everyone seemed to like this film but it didn’t really capture my attention. The acting wasn’t so great but I loved the edits. NumberOneEmber even got to interview the director, Tony Borden, who was extremely nice and polite. Good overall objective, but I still give it a C.

Another Dress, Another Button
Don’t you ever wonder what happens to all your spare buttons? Well, look no more. This short was super cute and extremely creative and deserves a B+.

Did you have a favorite short from the FFF? Please leave a comment and join the conversation!

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