Nickelback in Orlando


The Worst Night of My Daughter’s Life

Things had become a little strained between myself and my teenage daughter, NumberOneEmber. So when our Disney Reps came into my office at Florida Dream Homes to offer me two free tickets to a rock concert by a group called Pennyback or Dimeback, or something like that, I thought it would be a great opportunity for my daughter and I to get a little closer. Since I had never heard of the group, I figured they wouldn’t be very popular (or very good.) I was going to find out just how bad an idea it was. After our night at the concert, I don’t think I’ll be able to fix my relationship with my daughter.

Well, this was unexpected. My dad surprised me by taking me to a Nickelback concert. This is one of my favorite bands (which I’m sure he had no idea about.) It was the BEST!

It soon became apparent that this was a big mistake. We took the elevator to the level where our seats were. There was no one in the hallway. Just as I feared, the place was empty. We got to the door of the suite. As soon as the door opened, NumberOneEmber burst into tears. I had no idea she would be so upset by my choice of concerts.

Nickelback in Concert

We arrived at the new Amway Center.  Even though the arena was packed, only a few people were allowed past the concierge and into the hallway where the luxury boxes were located. We had to pass through five different guarded checkpoints to arrive at the suite. I still had no idea why we were there. When the doors to our box opened, I knew that Dad had brought me to the Nickelback concert I had heard my friends talking about. They’ll be so jealous. I couldn’t believe it, Dad had gotten seats in the Disney luxury suite in the very center of the arena. I was so overwhelmed that I teared up.

I took NumberOneEmber into the suite. At least they were serving some gourmet food and drinks so she would have something to eat. She quickly ran to the large leather seats at the front of the box without glancing at the food. I didn’t think she’d be this upset. I  grabbed a plate and some food, wondering how I was going to cheer her up.

As soon as I got into the box, I ran to the front to get a good view of the arena that was jammed full of rocking bodies. I think they had some pretzels and soda in the food service area, but I wasn’t the least  bit interested. I couldn’t wait to see the bands play. I wasn’t as impressed with the first two bands, The Darkest Hour and Seether, mostly because of their lyrics. I did, however, enjoy the screamo and shattering drum beats. My favorite warm up act was when Push played Come Together by The Beatles.

There were only 14 seats in the box. Everyone else, like me, was a business owner, who had brought their spouse. My daughter was the only teenager in the room. No doubt she felt completely out of place. What a mistake this was. I saw the Disney Reps leaning over to speak with her. They probably apologized to her for my error in bringing her to this concert.

Everyone else in the suite was much older than me. However, I was really glad Dad decided to bring me. I was so proud of him! Every other person came up to me and told me how lucky I was. The Disney Reps were very nice to me and frequently asked how I was enjoying the concert.  They seemed excited and happy I was there.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, something went horribly wrong with the sound system. The speakers began to make an awful whining noise. The video monitor also malfunctioned. Wavy lines scratched through the screens. At one point, it was so loud I could feel my entire chair vibrating. I was certain it was going to collapse straight through the floor.

I may have lost a bit of my hearing, but the sound in the arena was epic! I loved the mind-blowing rock beats and the laser effects. You could feel the drum beats vibrating your ribcage. It was a lot of fun. I’m glad my camera died halfway through, because I got to use Dad’s smartphone which has much better quality. I was able to record some of the songs I really love. (Too bad I don’t have one of those smartphones *hint*hint*Dad.)

By the end of the concert, NumberOneEmber had obviously had enough. She stood all the way on her tiptoes and just started to scream as loud as possible. All the other patrons who were in the box with us were polite enough to just sit there and not make a big deal out of it. The concert was so loud I don’t think anyone else in the arena saw how much pain my daughter was in. I was mortified. I don’t think Disney will ever invite us back to another event. At the end of the concert, I hurried out of the box, hoping to avoid the Disney Reps.

Rotating Stage

I sang along during most of the Nickelback sets, which one can–embarrassingly–hear on the songs I videotaped. I would also shout out with the rest of the auditorium. I was really impressed with the effects that Nickelback had (like fireworks, actual fire, a moving stage, digital photos, a platform that rose up in the air over the audience and then rotated, moving/swaying lyrics that matched the speed of the song, etc.) They were so amazing. The concert ended way too soon.  After it was over, the Disney Reps told me how much they enjoyed having me at the concert. Dad was nowhere to be seen.

The drive home told me just how bad the night had been. My daughter didn’t say a word. She even gave me a punch when we pulled up to the house. I can’t believe how foolish I was to think she would enjoy this concert. Fortunately, September is only a few months away. I’ll make it up to her by taking her to more Virginia Tech football games in the fall. I can only hope that by tomorrow NumberOneEmber will have completely forgotten about this night!

By the time Dad started to drive home, I was thinking about the concert and quietly humming the songs to myself. This was one of the best nights of my entire life. I gave my dad a little punch on the arm to let him know how much I appreciated it. I loved this so much better than other places he has taken me–like in the fall when he takes me to one of those Virginia Tech football games. Thank you so much, Dad, and the Disney Reps, for giving me this wonderful experience. This is one night I will NEVER forget!

3 Responses to “Nickelback in Orlando”

  1. John "Jack" McPhee Says:

    What a GREAT story! I’m just sorry “Lance” didn’t grasp the situation. Hope Amber can avoid those football games.

  2. Daddy Daughter Date Ideas Says:

    […] He’s somehow able to tune out what he doesn’t like (I think it’s a man-thing).  I love this blog post by my friend Lance about his trip to a Nickelback concert with his daughter.  What he thought was a painful experience made his daughter think of him as a […]

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