FFF 2015 Day 2 Farmers & Food

Saturday Morning Farmer's Market at the Enzian

Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market at the Enzian

The FFF isn’t only about movies. It’s about food. It’s about fellowship. It’s about fun. Nowhere is this more evident than at some of the extra curricular activities held during the festival. One such activity is the Farmer’s Market held right beside the Enzian theatre on the first Saturday morning of the festival where you can get locally produced food, often organic, including fresh fruits, vegetables, spice mixes, fresh eggs and lots of creative items that are hard to find anywhere else. And you can meet the actual farmers and businesses that create these products. In the evening there’s a free tasting sponsored by Whole Foods at the Eden Bar. Here are some photos from these delicious activities

Fresh Eggs

Whole Foods Farmer Market

My Yard Farm

Whole Foods Tasting


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