FFF 2015 Day 2 Grazers: A Cooperative Story

A Group of UCF Students Promote the Documentary

These “cow-boys” are here to promote the Documentary

Dick the Butcher
It almost seems unfair to ask vegetarians like Mrs. LanceAround and I to review a film called Dick the Butcher, a seven minute documentary about a man who’s been butchering pigs for 62 years. He claims he can’t read or write, but that doesn’t matter to him. The film shows the man taking a live pig, shooting him, and then carving the carcass. All I can say about the film is that it was so good, it might help convert more people to a vegetarian lifestyle. As the farmer points out in the film: people should know exactly where their food comes from! Perhaps that is a good thing.

Grazers: A Cooperative Story

A Tale About Saving the Family Farm

A Tale About Saving the Family Farm

Farming, in essence, is a business. The idyllic settings; the pastures, the barn, the landscapes; many people don’t realize that at its basic core, farming is a business. In this well made documentary, one farmer summed it up nicely by pointing out it’s not bad if you want to work seven days a week for no pay!

Yet, talk to any farmer who’s been doing it for years and they’ll tell you the same thing we saw in this documentary. It’s in their blood. They love it. It’s who they are.

In an effort to help failing farmers, a group of farmers in upstate New York got together and formed a co-op. This movie chronicled their first two years of ups and downs in an effort to make the farmers more successful. It was a look at the business side of farming that was informative, entertaining and very well done.

Reactions From the Audience
“It was wonderful,” says one male audience member.

“It was very informative,” says a contemplative Mary. “It was encouraging that people can work together to be successful; that people are willing to work together to be successful. That people are willing to support that…there’s a link to quality…that people will support it and pay for it. It’s really kind of nice. In such a mass market world, it’s good to see.”

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