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Need a Taxi Cab Company in Orlando?

July 18, 2009



Need a taxi in Orlando?  Call 407.422.2222 to use one of the taxis run by Mears Transportation Group.

Wait a minute–This blog does not accept advertisements or paid endorsements.  So why is LanceAround touting a Taxi company?

I’m glad you asked.

About a month ago I was driving to the Florida Dream Homes office.  There was a Taxi Van on my right.  I was in his blind spot when he made a sudden lane change.  Instinctively, I swerved left avoiding a collision but hitting a huge hole in the side of the road that bent my tire axle.

The noise of my tire hitting the hole was so loud, the cab driver stopped, thinking he struck my car.  He was very nice.  We called the police but were told that since the cars did not touch, there was no accident and he could not write a report–Unless it was to cite me for driving off the road.  He was not helpful!

I took my car to the shop–$540.74.  I was bummed.

I decided to write a letter to the Mears Transportation Group.  Mrs. LanceAround told me not to waste my time.  Even though I was pretty sure no good would come of it, I felt better getting it off my chest.

Imagine our shock when we got a phone call from Mears just a few weeks later letting us know that a check was on the way to cover the full cost of the damages.

I asked the person from Mears why they did this when they were under no obligation to do so.  He explained that Mears is a family owned company, founded by Paul Mears Sr. in 1939.  To them, community is very important, as is integrity.

I was impressed.  I decided that from now on, my business is going to recommend Mears for anyone who needs transportation.  I phoned the company and spoke to Bret who is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Like everyone I had dealt with at Mears, he was very nice.  When I told him I was going to blog about Mears, I asked him what the name of their Taxi Cab division is.  Turns out they have five:  Yellow Cab, Yellow Cab of Winter Park, Checker Cab, City Cab and Safety Cab.

Bret went on to explain that different municipalities, cities and airports have different permitting requirements–Hence the need for different cab companies.  A City Cab, for example, is not permitted to stage at the airport looking for a rider.

Bret also mentioned that in addition to Taxis, Mears has luxury sedans, stretch limos, SUVs, shuttle vans and motor coaches.  These groups do both scheduled and charter service for the entire Greater Orlando Area, including hotels, convention centers, airports, attractions, businesses and so forth.

I asked Bret what distinguishes Mears from other taxi companies.  He said that in addition to the huge variety of products they offer, they have a very thorough driver training program that not only educates the driver in how to interact with the customer it also helps the driver succeed as an independent business person.

The Mears Transportation Group website is simple to navigate and gives wonderful information about the founding and philosophy of the Mears Transportation Group company.

For me, I was so impressed that the company lived up to its philosophy of customer service and integrity that I have become a dedicated Mears customer and will refer all my vacation rental home guests to them as well!  So if you need a cab, call 407.422.2222.  For any other transportation need, call 407.422.4561 and someone in the Mears office will direct you to someone who can help.