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What’s a Good Guy With a Gun?

February 26, 2018

LanceAround does not like getting involved in controversial, political conversations. Unlike his alter ego, who pens this blog, LanceAround is a whimsical, fun loving, self effacing caricature.

But sometimes an issue comes along where sitting on the sidelines is irresponsible. To say nothing is to allow a societal ill to continue to permeate our society. The mass shootings in our country and the illogical responses from some well meaning but misguided adults have encouraged LanceAround to interject his two cents into the debate about guns in our society.

The NRA likes the phrase, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Fair enough. I may not agree with what it is trying to say, but I appreciate the logic behind this statement. To me, the obvious issue then becomes one of definition. How do you define “a bad guy with a gun?” How do you define “a good guy with a gun.”

As I thought about it, I came up with a very simple, easy solution to answer that question:

To be “a good guy with a gun” you should…

  1. Be a certain age.
  2. Obtain a license by passing both a written and practical test.
  3. Have the gun registered.
  4. Undergo regular background checks.

Is it possible that someone will submit to all of the above and still do evil with their gun? Of course. There will never be a 100% foolproof solution. But implementing the above will help. Dramatically.

How do we know? Because we do it every day. I’m certain the vast majority of NRA members have a car and/or driver’s license. In order to get those, they most likely took a written and practical test. They also update that license every few years, usually including a background check on their driving record. If they have a car, that car has a VIN (vehicle identification number) and is registered with the proper authorities. Most NRA members even have the required insurance for their cars. Do you ever see a crowd of people from the NRA holding a protest about how cars are well regulated in our country? Of course not.

Are there people who drive illegal cars, steal cars, don’t register cars, drive without a license and/or don’t have insurance? Of course. But when law enforcement catches them, they have to face the consequences for failing to comply.

What’s more, these simple, common sense requirements will help to ensure that a “good guy with a gun” is well regulated. These suggestions in no way violate anyone’s constitutional rights. When someone is caught driving illegally and we take away their license and/or their car do we cry that their rights are being infringed upon? No.

Once we have accomplished the above suggestions, there are other things we can do to make our society safer. But that’s a larger, more complicated debate. For now, simply implementing the above steps is relatively easy and can be quickly implemented.

How easy? Simple, just use the same methods and resources that we currently use every day to license and register cars and drivers.

Just my two cents.