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Jotform–Handy Tool

June 25, 2016

Although LanceAround does not often mention software applications on this blog, we were delighted to discover this handy little program that has helped our Florida Dream Homes business run more efficiently.

The tool is called Jotform and you can find it at

In our vacation rental home business right beside Disney World we use Jotform so homeowners can submit bookings, guests can fill out their registration form and our customers can review our performance. It is so easy to create new forms. And there are multiple ways our users can input their data to make our operations run smoother and save us time.

If you know just a little about coding, you can come up with very creative ways to improve your forms. However, if you know nothing about how to code, you will still find Jotform easy to use and you will create many beautiful and helpful forms.

Best of all, the support they provide is superb. They are easy to reach and can help you customize your forms in many ways.

If you’re a small business, like ours, you can get up to 100 forms every month completely free. After 100, the rates are quite reasonable. Another handy feature is that you can create forms that allow for payment collection. The myriad of ways you can utilize Jotform are too many and varied to list here.

Please check out Jotform and let us know what you think.

What’s Wrong With This Photo?

June 16, 2016
Do They Really Not Understand How Offensive This Is?

How Can They Not Understand How Offensive This Is?

Every morning as LanceAround rides his bicycle to his office, he has to ride past this business. This morning, they had a new saying on their sign. Under the name of their business, “MACHINE GUN AMERICA” they had written, “PRAY FOR ORLANDO.”

This business is located less than 19 miles from the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Something is Very Wrong

Something is Very Wrong Here

It made both of us feel sick.

When will we learn? What more will it take.

LanceAround & Mrs. LanceAround
(Lance & Karin Boyer)